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Last Chance Ferret Rescue

a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Private Foundation

For many of the ferrets who find their way here, the Last Chance Ferret Rescue really is their last chance.

These animals suffer from illness or old age, and are frequently just a heartbeat away from being left to die.

The Last Chance Ferret Rescue: Where unwanted ferrets find a home.
All too often their owners are unwilling to spend the money necessary to provide them with the treatment they need — treatment that could easily save their lives, and give them a chance to recover.

At the Last Chance Ferret Rescue, they receive the medical attention they need, and a place to live out their days in dignity, safety and happiness. Most of these ferrets become permanent residents, as their infirmities make them unadoptable, because of the costs involved with their treatments or the additional attention they require.

Many other ferrets come in with behavior problems, either through improper training and handling, or caused by abuse or neglect. Through patience, care and love, these animals learn to adapt, and many quickly become suitable for adoption.

The residents of the Last Chance Ferret Rescue range in ages from a few weeks, to 10+ years old. Some are breeder ferrets, with a long and distinguished pedigree; others are pet store ferrets, bred in “ferret mills.” It doesn't matter: All are welcome here, for as long as necessary.

Adopting a Ferret

If you’ve ever considered being owned by a ferret (or two, or three…), consider adoption. It costs less than a ferret from a pet store or breeder, and you’ll be offering a home to an animal who’s truly deserving of all the love and affection you have to offer.

While severe, this is an all-too-common sight at the rescue.

An all-too-familiar example of the condition many ferrets are in when they arrive at the Last Chance Ferret Rescue.

At the Last Chance Ferret Rescue, we don’t adopt to just anyone: People who want to adopt a ferret from us must pass a stringent screening process, to make sure they’re able and willing to offer the same level of love and care we provide to our furry friends.

But once you pass the screening, adoption is inexpensive and relatively painless. And we provide you with any education and support you need, whenever you need it, to make sure both you and your new friend remain happy for years to come.

At any given time, there are usually several adoptable ferrets available, of various ages and colors. Call Diane Bodofsky, at 1-215-357-3699; or drop her a note by email. She’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, and let you know who’s ready for a new home.

The Last Chance Ferret Rescue: Very often, we’re the last, best chance for your furry friends.

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