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The Conference Ferret Print
by William Sauts Bock

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably always on the lookout for some type of new ferret art or item to display in your home, or share with a friend. So we’re pleased to introduce “The Conference,” a new print, by renowned artist and illustrator, William Sauts Bock.

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Here's the story it relates:

The Conference — Soun’ gweh’-uk

Soungwehuk (an Indian word for the great family of Ferret-like people) gather at word that a Holy Man or Woman has made a sacred red-painted engraving upon a tree, to be seen as a prophetic message for the Soungwehuks to confer upon and then carry to the other Earth beings. Above the moon and star symbols of the coming New Earth is the All-Seeing Creator. Father Below, a Soungwehuk, heart filled with thanksgiving, sends a prayer line upward to the Moon-being, for in the New Earth, all souled beings, departed and living, will celebrate in grand reunion.

This 10" x 13" print is available framed or unframed, and is available standard, or as a limited-edition, hand-signed by the artist himself. Only 150 of these hand-signed prints will ever be made, so order yours today!

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Standard Print
Unframed $29.95 $19.95 plus $3 Shipping*
Framed $59.95 $34.95 plus $8 Shipping*
Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered
Unframed $74.95 $49.95 plus $3 Shipping*
Framed $99.95 $59.95 plus $8 Shipping*

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Profits on the sale of the The Conference fine art print help support the Last Chance Ferret Rescue.

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