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Ferret Fun Tubes!

See-through vinyl tubes for your furry friends

If you donít have a Ferret Fun Tube,
youíre missing out on half the fun!

Sorry, but the New Rainbow Bridge no longer handles Ferret Fun Tubes.

You can order tubes similar to these from the following sites:




Anyone who’s ever lived with a ferret knows that they love to crawl through tight places. Maybe it’s a throwback from before they were domesticated and used to burrow through the ground. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t take most ferret people long to get some type of tubing for their “kids.”

That tubing takes many forms: from corrugated drain tubing to sewer pipe. Many people opt for dryer vent. You know: the flexible tubing that vents your dryer outside. Dryer vent works okay, but it has two problems:

  • Problem 1: Most dryer vent is fairly delicate and tears quickly.
  • Problem 2: Most dryer vent is opaque, so you can’t see what’s going on inside (and as much fun as your ferrets are on the outside of the vent, they’re even more fun to watch inside the tube!)

But we have a solution to both those problems: the Ferret Fun Tube! Ferret Fun Tubes are flexible tubing, just like dryer vent. But Ferret Fun Tubes are absolutely clear, so you don’t have to miss a minute of your furry friends at play.

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Traffic Jam!     "I'm not backing up... You back up!"     "I wish they'd move and give us a chance."

Share more fun with the Ferret Fun Tube!

"Ready or not, here I come!"      "I'll teach you who's got the right of way!"

[Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of these pictures]

And not only can you see what’s going on inside the tube: Your ferrets can see through it, too. So they not only run through the tube, they can play along side it as well. The results are hilarious.

Each Ferret Fun Tube is 20-feet long: Use it as one length, or cut it into smaller pieces. And unlike some cheap imitations, the Ferret Fun Tube is made of thick, long-lasting vinyl. Here at the Last Chance Ferret Rescue weíve kept some in service for over 6 months without tearing.


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