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Nutritional Supplements

Due to increasing costs and the difficulty in finding products, we’re no longer selling nutritional supplements. But you can purchase Essiac through any reputable health food or supplement store. The brand we use is made by Gaia Herbs.


According to many people, Essiac is a cure for many cancers. After having tried it for a couple of years, we have no choice but to agree. In several instances, the results have been downright scary.

Essiac is a blend of four separate herbs, first developed by American Indians over 400 years ago.

Over the years, it’s been credited with helping control or cure respiratory ailments, diabetes and even cancers. It can be used as a curative, or to help maintain the health of your four-legged friends. In fact, a few of us use it ourselves to help control asthma and to maintain good health.

Yes, it's still Essiac!
The name on the new bottle is actually the first two ingredients in Essiac; the stuff inside is still Essiac.

We’ve had phenomenal success using Essiac to treat lymphosarcomas in ferrets. In a few cases, the lympho seems to have completely disappeared. 

A few drops mixed with a 50/50 mix of A/D and water, once or twice a day is all that’s necessary to treat many ailments that might not be treatable otherwise.

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