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Essiac FAQ

We’re always getting calls about Essiac, asking about how it works and how to use it. Here’s a sampling of the types of questions, along with the answers to them.

For specific questions about the Gaia Herbs 1-oz bottle of Essiac, click the link.

What is Essiac?

Essiac is an ancient Indian recipe that contains these four herbs: Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Bark, and Rhubarb Root

What is Essiac useful for treating in ferrets?

We’ve had phenomenal success treating Lymphomas and Lymphosarcomas in ferrets, and some success using it for megaesophagus. And it can be helpful for lowering blood sugar in diabetic ferrets.

We’ve also used it for treating some non-specific cancers — one of our rescues had cancerous growths in her feet. One foot had to be removed, but the Essiac seemed to help reduce the growths in the other three, and she continued to live a long, happy life after the surgery.

Some people claim it’s also good for treating adrenal disease, but we haven’t seen a substantial improvement using Essiac for treating that type of ailment.

What is the proper dosage for Essiac?

To learn how we use Essiac to treat ferrets, click here.

Your description says you mix Essiac with A/D to give it to the ferrets. What is A/D?

That’s Hills A/D, a prescription cat food, available through most veterinarians. 

My ferret won’t eat A/D. Is that the only way he can take Essiac?

No. We use A/D because it’s convenient, and the ferrets seem to like it. The object is to use something the ferret will eat completely, without any difficulty.

Other things you can try are chicken baby food, chicken gravy, or even a little Ferrevite and water, mixed into a soup. Whatever you can get your ferret to take completely, and get all the way down into its stomach should work fine.

For one of our ferrets who wouldn’t eat A/D, we added a capful of Essiac to her water bowl. This seemed to work just as well, and it wasn’t long before she wouldn’t drink just plain water; it had to have the Essiac mixed in.

You can even mix it with an equal amount of water and syringe it into the ferret’s mouth; but remember, this can stress the ferret, which can cause more problems than it cures.

Can I use Essiac while using other medications?

We’ve used Essiac for our ferrets at the same time as other medications, such as deximethesone and prednisone, without any problem. And we’ve never heard of any interaction problems, from anyone else who’s used it.

However, if you have any questions about using it for your ferrets, you should consult your vet.

Is Essiac available through the New Rainbow Bridge?

No. It’s available at a number of sites, all over the internet, and through many local health food stores.

For specific questions about the Gaia Herbs, 1-oz bottle of Essiac, click here.

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