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The Cards are Back!
(Sort Of…)

As many of you know, the New Rainbow Bridge Sympathy Cards have been out of stock for a while. Printing costs have just gotten so out of hand, that reprinting them wasn’t feasible.

I recently found a company that offered to reprint the cards for an almost reasonable price. I placed the order and received the new cards.

The only problem is the new cards are a bit on the dark side. The pictures below show you the difference between the original cards and the new ones:

Original Cards

New Cards


Because of this difference, I’m not willing to sell them the way we did the old cards. I don’t want anyone buying them without being aware of the difference.

But our loss is your gain: We’re going to offer these cards at right around our cost, just to move the stock. We’ll be offering them only in quantities of 25 or 100, but at a greatly reduced price:

25 pack: $20 plus $5 shipping
100 pack: $60 plus $8 shipping

That’s a substantial discount over our 1998 price, and doesn’t begin to cover our increased costs. And they still include the same Rainbow Bridge poem inside, to share with your friends or loved ones who’ve lost a special furry friend.

So if you’d like to take advantage of this great offer, give us a call today, at 1-800-259-1745.


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